Thank you for visiting my page!

I am humbled by your interest in my creative works.

I am not a writer–not in its truest sense. I am an enthused observer of  all the lights and the slanting shadows of life. I believe in what I see in front of me,  inside my head, or in the sparkling laughter and the glowing tears of everyone that I meet– everywhere, anywhere, or nowhere at all.

I  love nature, for nature never expects anything from us, and therefore never refuses to take us in when it is time. Wind plays the strings of my thoughts, the sound of rain awakens me, butterflies take me back to the time past and bees carry me in their wings to a future waiting for me somewhere.

I am an academician by profession, a researcher by training, and a bookworm by choice. I am a teacher, an avid reader,  a translator,  and an eager learner. In between living and dreaming, I wake up and write. Writing is not what I do; it is who I am.

Writing  gives me wings of freedom: my very own butterfly wings.

For me, writing is being.